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What is Recertification?

You are required to renew your Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS®) and Certificate for Occupational Managers (COSM) credential every three years. You should apply for recertification by December 31 of the third full year of your recertification cycle.

Additional information about recertification is available in the Recertification Guide.

Earning Recertification Points

Recertification points are easier than ever for you to earn! You may choose from 10 categories (outlined on the Recertification Summary), including continuing education, conference attendance, job experience, and many more, in the areas of safety and health to earn these points. Point requirements are as follows:

    COSS® Requirement = 15 points
    COSM Requirement = 20 points
    *Minimum of 5 points must come from qualifying Continuing Education/Professional Development Safety and Health training.

You are responsible for maintaining a record of completed activities, compiling your supporting documentation, and reporting these activities at the end of your recertification cycle. Supporting documentation is only required if you are audited.

The Recertification Activity Log can be used for tracking your completed activities.

Applying for Recertification

Recertification applications are not being accepted at this time. Recertification will be accepted during the last four months of your three-year recertification cycle.