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Recertification Guide

The Recertification Guide covers the requirements and processes for maintaining the COSS® and COSM credentials beyond the initial three-year period.

Requirements Summary

The Recertification Summary provides a quick resource for understanding recertification points and activities.

Activity Log

The Recertification Activity Log can be used for tracking your completed activities.


Recertification will be accepted during the last four months of your three-year recertification cycle.

For students who allow their designation to expire, we will be opening a re-instatement period between January 1 and March 31, 2019. The re-instatement fee totals $199 ($149 + $50 late fee).

COSS Recertification Payment Submission

COSM Recertification Payment Submission


You can extend your expiration date by an additional year for the purpose of earning the required recertification points. Extension requests must be received by March 31 of the following year after your expiration date. The fee for an extension is $75. By extending your expiration date, you will shorten your Recertification cycle to two years (instead of three). Consecutive extensions are not allowed. The recertification point requirement must be met during both cycles.

COSS Extension Request Form

COSM Extension Request Form