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COSS® Professional Development Courses

COSS Professional Development Series
COSS-Professional Development Courses

As of Jan. 1, 2014, COSS professional development courses (PDCs) were discontinued. COSS graduates are encouraged to meet their recertification requirements through the many continuing education courses that are offered at various OSHA Training Institutes (OTIs) across the country. Since COSS graduates are located throughout the U.S., it will be even more convenient for them to take courses offered closer to their home or work in the 10 OSHA regions nationwide. All OTI courses – as well as other safety and health related courses – apply toward COSS recertification, and all CEU credits previously earned through the PDC program to date will remain valid.

For assistance with COSS recertification, call 877-610-2677. Questions regarding OSHA Training Institute Education Centers and available courses can be directed to the Mid-South OTI Education Center, which is in the same location as the COSS operations staff, at 877-345-2515.

To download a fact sheet about OSHA Training Institute Education Centers, click here.